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Assessment Guidelines

Purpose, Form, and Weight of Homework
Purpose of Homework:
Homework is designed to preview, practice skills, and/or reinforce materials covered in class.
Homework should be able to be completed by the student with materials provided by the school.
Homework should meet the accommodation modifications as prescribed for the individual.
Homework is given for the primary purpose of formative assessment.
Form of Homework:
A homework assignment for a specific class (*45 minutes) should not take a student more than 15 minutes to complete when working independently. If the assignment is to take more than 15 minutes, multiple days should be permitted. This threshold does not apply to students who have misused class time and are asked to finish the neglected work at home.
*Language Arts and Math classes are 90 minutes and therefore may have up to 30 minutes of homework nightly.
Homework should be aligned to the specific skill needs of the students.
Homework should emphasize quality over quantity
Homework should be engaging and relevant. It is not designed for entertainment, but should not be cruel and unusual punishment. 
The next day’s instruction should be linked to or make application to the homework assignment.
Weight of Homework:
Weight of homework for the marking period should not exceed 10% of the total grade.
Deadlines and Credit for Late Assignments
GSMS late work policy: With the exception of students with 504 or IEP accommodations; quality late work (as determined by the issuing teacher) cannot receive full credit, but must receive at least 50% of the earned score of the assignment.
Communicating with Parents on Student Progress
Teachers are expected to communicate with parents (via e-mail, phone, or in person) if a student in their class exhibits a pattern of missing assignments, poor quiz/test scores, and/or off-task behaviors.
Long-range Project Management and Assessment
A minimum of one graded checkpoint must be incorporated into the project or long-range assignment